At MENPA - Mendoza, Palacios, Acedo, Borjas, Páez Pumar & Cía., we believe in equality and non-discrimination.

By the inclusion of diverse people in our team, we believe that we are promoting individual liberties as well as providing our clients with diverse point of views when handling their matters, which –in the end– favors excellent legal advice.

We have made particular efforts regarding female talent. Indeed, we believe that certain barriers have existed for women in Latin America, including Venezuela. We consider that there is a talent pool, which is released by eliminating such barriers. Most of the barriers we have identified regard lack of flexibility in developing parallel and compatible professional and personal lives. Accordingly, our policies and practices are structured in order to promote flexibility, thus allowing women to develop professionally while building a balanced, personal life.

By implementing equal flexibility for all our lawyers, we create an environment where male and female talent have equal chance of developing. By giving equal flexibility opportunities to our male and female talent, we eradicate the main driver of female desertion or low results. Indeed, we empower women to control their working agenda, thus being able to meet their day-to-day personal responsibilities and develop professionally at the same time. But we also create an environment where male talent does not feel neglected. This contributes importantly to our working environment, thus creating better and stronger co-working relationships, which are essential to our type of service.

As a result, in MENPA - Mendoza, Palacios, Acedo, Borjas, Páez Pumar & Cía., we have a balanced team and a new generation that includes many female rising lawyers.