We have a long and solid history of social responsibility at MENPA - Mendoza, Palacios, Acedo, Borjas, Páez Pumar & Cía.

Indeed, pro-bono service is and has been, since the middle of the last century, an important part of our work. There are many non-profit organizations, charitable foundations, non-governmental organizations and universities, which we are proud to count as our clients.

In addition, our attorneys render individual pro-bono service, in some instances, as directors of non-profit organizations.

Also, we are very active in certain academic circles (for instance, our partners are and have been members of the Academia de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales), which help build a stronger law system.

Finally, some of our members have human rights formation and background; for instance, teaching related subjects at Law School and working with human rights NGOs, in the very complicated recent local arena.

We believe in putting our practice at the service of causes that help others, make the rule of law stronger and promote human rights.