Public Law

Venezuelan law has an important component of complex regulatory matters, which in recent years has become even more substantial.

Regarding defense of constitutional rights, we represent our clients in constitutional injunctions procedures (amparos constitucionales), as well as in constitutional revision of judicial decisions (revisiones constitucionales), in order to repair violations of rights of constitutional hierarchy. We also defend them before the judiciary in nullity claims against acts of the administrative authorities, including the tax authorities.

We are especially proficient in price control regulations and consumer protection issues, an area which has recently been the object of legislation changes and a very thorough application by regulatory agencies.

We also assist our clients in heavily monitored areas, such as the insurance and banking sectors, with regard to regulatory issues and their registration and relations with the supervising entities.

Since the implementation of a exchange control system in 2003, we have assisted many of our clients in this area, from the different perspectives of foreign exchange transactions, foreign investment, imports and exports, debt and obligations in foreign currency, penalties, etc. Additionally, our specialists are regularly consulted on the subject by firms and organizations.

We regularly represent our international clients regarding administrative procedures before the authorities, as well as advise them on the relevant law and regulations.

Also, in the context of the expropriations initiated in the past years, we assist and advise our clients who have either suffered or are at risk of suffering expropriations or confiscations of their properties.

We assist international private clients with their projects with the Venezuelan state and/or state-owned companies. Our work includes the drafting and reviewing of engineering, procurement and/or construction contracts and other service agreements; we also assist them in labor and tax matters, and with all the corporate needs.

Our firm’s extensive experience in the area of public law, and our long history in the energy and oil business, allows us to efficiently assist our clients in their dealings with governmental authorities.

Our lawyers are renowned authors of books and legal articles on many public law issues, including foreign investment, constitutional matters, exchange controls, telecommunications, among others.