We give general tax assistance to local and foreign clients, concerning their exposure and the application of the Venezuelan tax regime at every stage of government (national, state or municipal), in order to obtain efficient tax management and avoid claims from the tax authorities.

At the tax planning level, we help our clients to organize their activities in such a way as to obtain the most advantageous results and avoid overpayment of taxes. Within this context, we have a significant practice advising clients in Venezuela who receive foreign income and those with interests in different jurisdictions. We take special care with regard to domicile, residence, permanent establishments and the application of treaties to avoid double taxation; and their repercussions.

We are very experienced in customs matters, in particular in the assistance and defense of customs agents, cargo consolidators, couriers and auxiliaries, regarding import and export processes, and especially in administrative procedures. We serve large international companies in the area of freight and document transport, with respect to their general and specific requirements in the customs area, as well as in other corporate matters.

We are very often contacted by international clients who wish to do business in Venezuela, and we assist them not only with regard to the application of Venezuelan tax laws and regulations to their specific projects, but also advise them regarding the best and most efficient fiscal and corporate structure suited to their specific needs.

We assist our clients in procedures before the tax authorities, and –if necessary¬– before the courts. In the very difficult Venezuelan judicial system, we have won significant cases in the fiscal courts.

We provide general advice regarding the most common taxes, such as Income tax or value added tax; but our practice is also very strong regarding more specific taxes, such as custom tax or estate tax. We also provide advice and representation on the different states and municipal tax rules.

Our lawyers are renowned authors of books and legal articles on taxation