• We have had an unusually active role in dealing with the issues affecting foreign investment, trade and financing in Venezuela. Since our origins in 1896, when most of the major foreign companies doing business in Venezuela were clients of our predecessor, Escritorio Bance, up to the present time, with our participation in the most important worldwide projects taking place in Venezuela, we have kept a consistently high profile in international transactions. Our experience has been recognized by major international law firms, many of which recommend our services to their clients, which gives our practice a highly professional transnational character.
  • We participated, as local counsel to the bank lenders, in two of the four major heavy oil projects in the Orinoco Belt (Petrozuata, now Petroanzoátegui, and Hamaca, now Petropiar); we then assisted the bank lenders of these two projects with regard to the nationalization of all the extra heavy oil projects in the Orinoco Belt in 2007, as well as the issues regarding the Venezuelan security package, the release of which is still pending; and, finally, in the years 2008 and 2009, we assisted the bank lenders in another of the four major heavy oil projects in the Orinoco Belt (Sincor, now Petrocedeño), when a new leader was appointed.
  • We have participated in the negotiation and restructuring of major loans to the Republic and to private entities, in some cases counseling the lenders and, in other cases, the debtor or guarantor. We may mention, among others, the loans to Digitel (a Telecom Italia Mobile subsidiary) and to the Smurfit Group, and the restructuring of the Sidor debt. We have counseled the International Finance Corporation in several financings.
  • Regarding financing for the mining sector, we have covered projects such as Minera Las Cristinas, where we advised the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), which acted as the lead lender in the US$ 600 million project for the development of gold and copper mines. We also participated in the project for the development of nickel mines, Minera Loma de Níquel, where we counseled the lenders.

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