• We are exceptionally well prepared to handle litigation at every judicial level, from small municipal courts, all the way up to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice; and from small claims of all kinds to conflicts involving multimillion deals. Our litigation department is one of the largest in Venezuela.
  • Mendoza, Palacios, Acedo, Borjas, Páez Pumar & Cía. maintains a very strong presence in the country's courts and is highly respected, not only for its command of the required legal skills, but also for the integrity with which it deals with the judiciary. The good standing of our firm is enhanced by the firm's presence in the academic world, where some of its members teach or have taught civil and administrative procedure.
  • We litigate in all the specialized circuits: administrative, tax, import duties, labor, civil and mercantile courts. Although we do not get directly involved with cases at criminal courts, some of our attorneys have specialized in this area, so they may supervise our client's cases when they need assistance in the criminal judicial system.
  • We structure teams of legal specialists in the subject matter to be tried, seasoned litigators and paralegals, according to the nature and complexity of the particular dispute. These teams then handle the procedure before the courts.
  • Since trials in Venezuela can go forward without the physical presence of the parties or their attorneys, we take no risks and review cases on a daily basis, or as required by the specific court where our client's case is active or by the particular procedure applicable to each case. To accomplish this supervision, we count on a permanent staff of trial attorneys, law students and paralegals who are highly respected in the different courtrooms. Our trial support teams of paralegals and students is highly regarded for its efficiency and specialized assistance. Our firm has led the way in legal circles with respect to the use of information technology in judicial cases.
  • We have broken new ground in the use of constitutional appeals of revision before the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, an innovation of the Constitution enacted in 1999. Such appeals are made against definitive decisions of other courts and of other chambers of the Supreme Tribunal, in order to remedy the violation of constitutional rights in specific cases. Our attorneys have been requested to submit these appeals even in trials where they had not participated in the preliminary stages.
  • Our firm has also had a relevant participation in cases of amparo (constitutional injuctions). The right to constitutional protection by means of an amparo is recognized by the Constitution, as well as by law and by the courts. Our litigation department is specially strong in this area, where we have interposed many amparos, in order to protect our clients’ constitutional rights.
  • We handle our clients’ cases in all instances, with special emphasis and achievement in appeals to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, due in good part to the fact that our attorneys have been formed by our own respected experts in such appeals.
  • Some of our attorneys have been called to participate as associate judges taking decisions regarding important judicial procedures. Additionally, some of them have worked as assistants of the Supreme Court’s magistrates in the preparation of decision drafts.
  • Our involvement in the area of commercial arbitration is very significant, both in national and international jurisdictions. Some of our lawyers are members of arbitration organizations and have adjudicated as arbitrators in important cases. Additionally, we have successfully represented our clients in arbitration procedures, local (CEDCA, Venamcham) and international (ICC, AAA), in places such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. One of our partners is a director of the well-known publication: International Arbitration Law Review.
  • Our attorneys are frequently called as expert witnesses with respect to Venezuelan law, in judicial and arbitration procedures in other countries, such as the United States and France.

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