• In the area of industrial regulations, we have developed a wide experience in dealing with governmental authorities and courts on behalf of our industrial clients, which range from some of the largest industrial corporations in Latin America to several of the most important foreign oil companies.
  • From the regulation of automobile manufacturing to the restrictions applicable to mining activities, we have accumulated considerable expertise in almost every area of governmental regulation. We have specialized in the pharmaceutical area, where we protect the interests of major international companies. We are also very strong in trademark and patent issues.
  • In terms of emerging areas of regulation, such as competition and antitrust, antidumping, consumer protection and environmental issues, we continue to serve our clients with the same level of efficiency.
  • We are specially strong in antitrust and competition issues, where we have accumulated a wide experience.
  • As regards the environment, we have acted for several industrial firms in evaluating their performance with respect to their compliance with legal and official requirements for environmental protection.
  • We have also participated in matters relative to the rendering of services of public or common interest in different areas, such as water services, telecommunications, oil, ports, air transport and maritime transport.

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